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Foot health function
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Foot bath, a green health approach, in China has 3000 years of history. Folk song goes: "Spring feet, Sun fixed off; in the summer and feet can be cured Shushi; fall, feet, lungs Runchang moisten; winter feet, pubic temperature burning." "Huang Di Nei Jing" in the meridian theory that: the distribution of the human foot 66 points, with head, hands, the body's internal tissues and organs of the reflex zones, often foot bath, penetrating through the outer temperature in the role in promoting the blood upward, thereby promoting blood circulation, promote metabolism, increase oxygen supply of human cells, active body cells and foreign penetration through the heat so that the body sweat to achieve the conditioning organs, balance of yin and yang, Shu been very vibrant, and physical fitness , anti-aging, illnesses and prolong the effect. Foot, has been hailed as modern medicine, the body's second heart.
Is the so-called "cold starting from the foot, but old people feet first decline," Foot of the following groups of particular importance:
A sleep disturbance, physically weak, chills were
2, anemia, varicose veins, and other cardio-cerebral vascular disease
3, kidney, Wei Han who
4, endocrine poor, poor micro-circulation, less sweating were
5, long-term standing, sedentary or leg worker
6, cold limbs, or those who live in cold areas
7, joint, bone, cervical spondylosis
8, fatigue, mental stress, dry skin issues such as those
Footbath is already an essential part of modern healthy lifestyle.
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