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Reflexology Qiao Zhi of cervical spondylosis
Up Time: 2010-3-22 Hit[14328] times
Cervical disease is a serious health hazard pour over workers, disease, and its performance in a wide variety. There are neck pain, upper limb weakness, numb fingers, dizziness, nausea and even blurred vision, swallowing blurred.
Recent feet researchers found that by treating plantar reflex zones can produce surprising effects.
Cervical spine in the foot reflex zones are: the feet toe toe at the root of cross striations, both feet outside of the middle fifth phalanx (foot outside of the most distinguishing feature of Central), neck muscle reflex zones are: the end of limb-toed feet rear 2cm wide area.
Massage is: with the thumb or fingertip pulp; can also be used second or third means refers to the joints in order to move a few millimeters range. Intensity of the first light, gradually increase to a little pain is appropriate, massage time can be optional for taking the time to conduct. The best of all once a day, morning and evening, every 10-30 minutes, adhere to two weeks later, the average cervical spondylosis can be an incredible effect.
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